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Paul Elam is the founder of A Voice for Men, focusing on men's mental health issues. Paul was featured in The Red Pill Movie and founded the International Conference on Men's Issues series. He is the co-author of the acclaimed book, Say Goodbye to Crazy, and offers personal consulting for men. You can support Paul's work at his Patreon page.

It’s Your Time to be a Voice for Men in Your Country, State or Province

Welcome to the Voices of Men Network, a new platform by A Voice for Men where you can represent your country as a part of the official AVfM worldwide community.

2013 was a fantastic year for the Men’s Human Rights Movement. We experienced unprecedented growth and media attention. We also made significant headway into changing the public discourse on matters of sexual politics. Even feminists can no longer discuss “gender” issues, particularly if they are criticizing the MHRM, without acknowledging the legitimacy of the issues for which we advocate.

As ground-breaking as 2013 was, 2014 will surely make it pale in comparison. One way that is going to happen is with the continued explosive growth of A Voice for Men. And now, you can be a part of it.

The new Voices of Men Network has been built to allow activists, supporters of the AVfM mission, to represent this organization in their home country, state or province, in their own words and in their own native language as long as they are consistent with the AVfM Mission Statement and commenting guidelines.

By joining this network you will benefit in many ways more than if you blog anywhere else. One, no hosting or domain fees. Yes, it is FREE for those who join AVfM as an official affiliate, representing their geographic area (individual, non-affiliated blogs will be available on this network in the future on a pay basis).

Two, you will have the substantial power of AVfM’s Google search results. We have spent years building a juggernaut of a website with massive reach. As a subdomain of AVfM. You will also be free to reproduce all material from AVFM that you desire, translate it into your native language and distribute it to your fellow citizens.

Three, as long as you are in compliance with AVfM ToS, no one will ever be able to take your blog down. Well, we suppose feminists who want to shut you up could write Paul Elam and ask him to remove your blog, but we are betting that won’t turn out so well for them. All the work you put into your blog is totally protected from the predictable attempts by ideologues to silence your voice.

Four, you will strengthen the AVfM and Men’s Human Rights message and spread it further and wider than ever before. You will be part of an emerging giant working on behalf of men and boys across the world.

Note: There are some absolute requirements for having an AVFM Regional Site. One, you must have at least one article published on the AVFM main site, or in another online publication and available for us to review. We need to know you have the writing skills that will meet AVFM standards. Also, by submitting the site application you agree that any substandard or poor writing, or content that violates AVFM editorial guidelines and TOS can and will be removed by AVFM Senior Management. 

Also, it is important to note, AVFM Regional Sites are NOT personal blogs. They are activist publications meant to inform the world about men’s issues and promote activism. It is critical that all AVFM Regional Site managers know this in advance. 

So, whether you are from India, Italy, Iran or Indianapolis, just fill out the form below and hit send. Shortly, you will be the proud owner of a new AVfM official blog for your country.