Digital Millennium Copyright Policy

The Voices of Men Network (“VoMN”, this site) is owned and operated by Red Pill Solutions, LLC (the “Company”). This policy page describes what the Company is responsible for and what it is not responsible for, and what to do if you believe you have grounds to allege infringement of your intellectual property.

This page should be read in conjunction with and in supplement to the Company’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Who is responsible for Content

The Company hosts sites for a variety of individuals and groups (collectively, the “Clients”), but the Company is only directly responsible for Content (including but not limited to articles, images, logos, photographs, video or audio recordings, diagrams and other forms of intellectual property) owned by the Company, and expressly disclaims responsibility for Content owned or published by its Clients.

The web publication, A Voice for Men at, is the intellectual property of Paul Elam and published on his behalf by the Company and its volunteer staff. However, authors who submit articles for publication in A Voice for Men retain copyright ownership and therefore liability for any statements made. All statements made by authors are made on their own behalf, and the Company expressly disclaims responsibility for the accuracy of such statements.

Affiliates of A Voice for Men are operated under licence and independently of the Company, and the Company expressly disclaims responsibility for Content published by affiliate operators.

All other sites hosted by the Company are the sole responsibility of the person(s) or group(s) operating it. Note that due to technical limitations, the URL of a page containing offending Content is not sufficient to establish who is responsible for the Content. It is your responsibility to make reasonable efforts to establish who the owner is and where, therefore, the responsibility for that Content lies.

How to file a DMCA Take-down notice

Per our Terms of Service, all complaints shall be construed according to United States Federal law and the laws of the State of Virginia, as applicable, and you have already agreed to submit to that jurisdiction.

If you believe you have grounds to allege that your intellectual property has been in some way infringed and you cannot resolve the matter by direct contact with the owner of the offending Content, or you cannot determine who the owner of the offending Content is, you may file a DMCA Take-down notice via a support ticket or you may write to:

Red Pill Solutions, LLC
3735 Franklin Rd. SW #172
Roanoke, VA 24014

  • You must include in your complaint all of the information pursuant to 17 USC §512(c)(3). Failure to supply all of the required information and declarations may result in your complaint being dismissed without prejudice.
  • By filing a complaint, you agree that Company may communicate the whole of your complaint to the alleged infringer, just as 17 USC §512(g) obliges us to communicate the whole of any counter-notice filed with us.
  • A DMCA Take-down notice is a legal declaration made by you, under penalty of perjury [17 USC §512(c)(3)(A)(vi)], that you own the rights to the Content, or are authorized to act on behalf of the owner. It is a Federal felony offence to file a DMCA complaint knowing it to be false. The Company takes false claims very seriously and reserves all remedies and rights, including but not limited to suspension of any services we may provide to you and/or recovery of any reasonable expenses incurred in handling the false claim.

They shall be heard!