Launching an Affiliate Site

After your request to become an Affiliate has been approved, you will receive a blog platform that is more or less a clone of AVFM Main Site. Obviously, the way you receive it is not satisfactory for official launch so there is a little bit of work to be done before officially launching it.

In addition to the policies and the FAQ, here is exactly what is needed for you Affiliate Site to be officially launched and thus fully endorsed by AVFM.

1. Minimum Requirements (for official launch)

The Affiliate Sites, while they are in construction, are not indexed or linked – which means they only exist in the pocket of the Internet and only if you link them yourselves manually they can attract traffic. This is the case because they haven’t been launched.

Without further due, here are the minimum requirements of things that must exist on the site before launch.

    1. Minimum 5 local news stories

If you can’t find 5 news stories to post, there are solutions to workaround this (especially for countries like Australia, Canada, Brazil, etc.). Basically, you can take older news stories from the main site ( and post them on your Affiliate site (with the dates adjusted of course)

    2. Minimum 5 local bulletins

This could cover anything that concerns AVFM internal matters in your area. They can be announcements of radio shows (AVFM News and Activism for the Americas; The Voice of Europe for Europe, etc.), announcements regarding activities conducted by local activists (where applicable) or they can be a new author announced or a news promotion (for instance when you co-opt another admin)

    3. Five elements in the Hangout section

We say “elements” because rebroadcasting the AVFM Hangouts (which are in English) may not be appropriate for every area (especially those countries where English speakers aren’t so many). So this is entirely on your latitude. If you think rebroadcasting Hangouts that are in English are appropriate, then do that. If not, feel free to transform the Hangouts section into a video section with videos in you site’s language. We are also open to other suggestions on what to do with the Hangouts section.

    4. Minimum 10 Feature articles including a welcome article

The 10 featured articles can be translations from AVFM mainsite or they can be original content. This is entirely on your latitude though a mixture of the two is suggested. The featured articles must have a featured image, be formatted appropriately and follow the publishing policy of AVFM.

    5. A press release written announcing the site launch

This is a must. The press release should be sent to as many media outlets as possible in the country/area that the Affiliate Site represents. William Andersson of AVFM Sverige sent over 500 e-mails with the press release announcing the launch of AVFM Sverige. Now, whilst we don’t expect everyone to do the same, we do expect everyone to send more than just a couple of press releases just to tick the box that they’ve done that. We insist on the press release for the simple reason that the media can not then claim that they did not know. Besides, all publicity is good publicity. You may not get an answer from the media (not at first, at least) – but that’s a different story and should not discourage you from sending press releases.

    6. One planned piece of FTSU (Fuck Their Shit Up) literature going directly after feminist and/or misandric policy with explicitly naming the officials and/or the criminals involved.

You don’t have to have this finished before the official launch but it must be seen somewhere in pending/drafts and with a clear plan of publishing this within a reasonable period after the official launch.

2. Official Launch

Once you have everything described in the first point, e-mail Lucian Vâlsan and we a meeting will be established.

Your Affiliate site must receive the panel approval from Lucian Vâlsan, Paul Elam and David King.

Besides from this meeting, you will also need to find time for a radio appearance within one week from the launch. The alternatives are The Voice of Europe and AVFM News and Activism – you choose which one is convenient for you.

In case of force majeure the radio appearance can be postponed for another week after the launch but it has to happen in order to bring the speakers of your language closer to the issues you present in your affiliate site and the best way for growth so far is to market it first and foremost to the people who are directly interested – and the audience of the Radio shows is composed by exactly that kind of people.

They shall be heard!