Policies of conduct

1. Content policy

With regards to content, basically, read this: http://www.avoiceformen.com/policies/editorial-and-comment-policy/

After reading it, we recommend translating it into your local language (if applicable) and displaying it into the menu.

In other words, please avoid framing an issue like “homosexual men going after straight men” or like “women going after men”. We attack ideologies and individuals who act in the name of those ideologies – not entire groups of people defined by their biology.

If you have an LGBT NGO claiming that “heterosexuality is unnatural/oppressive/(insert bullshit progressive meme here)” – then please, by all means, give them hell. But abstain yourselves please from framing all non-straights as being responsible for that kind of position.

We advise this not because of reasons of political correctness – but because one needs to remember that in many cases these things are driven by a tiny group of radicals who may not even be non-straights themselves – but rather have a vested ideological interest into a flawed narrative.

When in doubt, feel free to ask the Multisite Director.

If an article that contravenes the publishing policies is found on your affiliate site, you might be asked to rephrase portions of it or the article might be edited by someone from the senior management if it’s in an accessible language.

If no compromise can be achieved between the senior management and the author of the article(s) in question, removing the article(s) in question and issuing a retraction explaining that AVFM does not endorse that may happen.

Now this may sound tough and we’re pretty confident that it won’t happen too often. But we also know that consistency of the message is important on AVFM platforms.

You will notice that the management is pretty open to compromise but if you insist in publishing an article which, for instance, recommends Islam as a remedy for the issues of men and boys – then we will use the administrative features to pull the plug on that article.

An updated version of Terms of Services is on its way and once it will be done, it will be posted here and sent to all the Affiliates.

2. Pictures

Any picture you find on avoiceformen.com main site can be used on any Affiliate site without asking anyone.

The same goes if you use an internet meme.

However, if you plan to use a picture from a third party, make sure you have the legal right to do so. If in doubt, ask Lucian Vâlsan.

Do not use pictures published by the mainstream media unless you have explicit approval from someone from the senior management (Dean Esmay, Paul Elam, Lucian Vâlsan or David King).

The part with pictures will be strictly enforced. Any picture found on your Affiliate that infringes copyright of third parties will be removed. This is not a joke! We will be quite unfriendly with these issues.

Why? Because copyright infringements with pictures is probably the only thing that can bring a legitimate attack against us.

If you want to post screen caps of conversations/comments on blogs/facebook/etc. make sure you blur the names of those involved. If you wish to publish them without blurring the names, ask someone from the senior management first.

If you want to post pictures made by yourself, make sure they don’t break any local law. And if they do, make sure you are willing to take responsibility for that!

Also, any pictures you post must be as safe-for-work as possible (no porno!) – but some derogations will apply (for instance when posting pictures made public by FEMEN).

3. Translations

Feel free to translate any article found on avoiceformen.com or any other Affiliate site. For instance, if you want to translate an article from AVFM Sverige into Portuguese to post on AVFM Brazil then, by all means, do so.

However, if you want to translate an article written by someone that is affiliated with A Voice for Men but the article is not published on AVFM – you must contact that author to do so before publishing it on your Affiliate site.

Example: You know that Suzanne Vanker wrote some stuff for avoiceformen.com. Well, this gives you the right to translate Suzanne’s piece Moms can’t be dads too because it’s published on avoiceformen.com. However, this does not give you the right to publish her piece How ‘Bout The End of Hanna Rosin? because it’s not published on avoiceformen.com, unless you get explicit acceptance from her to republish/translate.

Just like with pictures, if you’re in doubt about a certain thing, feel free to ask Lucian Vâlsan. And, just like with pictures, if an author contacts us regarding a copyright infringement committed on your Affiliate site, the article will be unpublished immediately and only after that questions will be asked. OK?

Also, with regards to authors, it is recommended that you provide a list with the author(s) you want imported into your Affiliate site and we’ll make sure that happens – so you can select the original author when you post a translation and offer credits for the translation at the end of the article (if you think it’s appropriate). In this manner, it will appear as if Paul Elam himself (for example) has written an article in Portuguese/Swedish/Hungarian, etc.

You may think this is over-sensitive but the last thing we need is an army of copyright lawyers trashing us with the “those misogynists don’t respect property” diatribe.

4. Technical details about publishing

AVfM house style requires that all articles are assigned a featured image (look to the right, somewhat down the screen when you are editing the article) along with an excerpt (the input box for which needs to be turned on via Screen Options):

  • The AVfM livery has specific requirements in respect of these featured images:
    • All MegaFeatured images must have a featured image with the resolution 750×420
    • All other featured images, including Featured Articles, must have a resolution of 538×354
  • House style guidelines disallow the use of text within images, because text tends to scale poorly and looks bad when cropped.
  • Featured images must not be distorted by cropping to an aspect ratio different from the aforementioned resolutions.  Use your photo editor’s fixed-aspect marquee to guarantee that the image has the correct aspect ratio.  Ask if unsure how to do this.
  • It has already been mentioned, but it bears repetition: all images must, must be supplied with a license that permits AVfM’s use of it.  This is an absolute requirement and may not be contravened except with written permission from the management.
  • As said above, any image that is already hosted on the Main Site is okay to reuse without asking.  You should check with the relevant affiliate operator before using images used on other affiliates.  At some point in the future, a mechanism will be built for giving you better access to the stock imagery we have on the Main Site.
  • Please get into the habit of making a note of the source of the image, along with what license accompanies it in the metadata for the image.  If an image is challenged under the DMCA and there is no note of this, we will take it down without hesitation.

4. Other clarifications

In 99.9999% of the cases, the sole authority with regards to the Affiliate websites is Lucian Vâlsan.

So unless you are specifically refered you to someone else – you’ll basically talk to Lucian.

Trying to go to Paul, for instance, because you may not like a decision won’t do any good. This may seem insensitive but it is what it is.

The admins of the Affiliate websites have a high degree of autonomy. The senior management won’t come and tell you what subject(s) to approach. We may send you links with news and/or stories from your country(ies) if we come across them but this does not automatically mean an obligation for you or your contributor(s) to approach the topic.

Members of the management will rarely wish to address the readership of your Affiliate website but when they will, we hope you’ll have time to proofread their articles or to translate them into the local language.

With regards to the header image of the Affiliate websites – those will be provided for you as soon as possible.

They shall be heard!